About icapi.org

Hello friends !

Hello friends icapi.org ! We sincerely apologize to you for the reason for redirecting this website!

After a few years of operation in the previous years and we have stopped running the website for a while and today we want to inform you as follows :

Biography about icapi.org

icapi.org is not too strange for everyone, right?

Previously we worked on news, religion and politics and after many website activities, we still have the trust of you. Thank you very much!

Sorry: We used to have too many jobs in the past so we didn’t pay attention to the website to serve you and eventually the website crashed for a while.

This made us very regretful, and we met with our officials and decided to find a new path for icapi.org.

Past is still the past. Finally, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us recently and we hope that you will continue to accompany the website in this redirection!

Back to the website icapi.org

Finally, the website management has agreed to restore the website and develop it stronger than before!

This time, we will redirect the website to Vietnam. This is our final decision in this comeback.

Switch this capi.org to vietnamse to serve people here with the hope that the website will have the best photos to serve everyone!

language of icapi.org

This is an introduction we will write in English so that our companions will understand and from now on, the language on icapi.org will be entirely in Vietnamese.

In addition to the Vietnamese language, the website will not have any other languages and through this section I hope you will still understand and accompany us!

Language: Vietnamse

Content on icapi.org

In the past icapi.org worked on news, science, politics, health and this time we won’t write about it anymore:

This time, we will work on image content for Vietnamse. Because beautiful pictures will help people to Vietnam to be healthier and love life more.

All image content on the website is in Vietnamese language and the images here will be stamped with our copyright!

Icapi.org’s responsibility

Coming to Vietnam this time we will redirect the image website and our responsibilities are:

  • Deliver beautiful images to everyone
  • All images are our copyright!

Epilogue icapi.org

So we have written down this report. Once again we would like to remind you that icapi.org will completely turn to Vietnam. And the content we make this time will be images

We hope you will always accompany us in the future. Thank you !

Written: https://icapi.org/